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Prices and services
The price for a translation is calculated on the basis of a standard line with  55 spaces. The calculation of the number of lines is based on the final version of the translated text.

Rush service – translation finished on same day (please contact me by phone first)
Express service – translation finished within  24 hours (please contact me by phone first)
Standard service – translation finished as per agreement

Standard text:           1.30 € / line (standard service)
Complicated or specialised text: starting at 1.35 € / line (standard service) 
Express service -  10% – 25% extra charge
Rush service -       20% - 40% extra charge

International customers please note: 
Estimates and invoicing in American or Canadian currency is possible if desired. 

If you wish, I would be pleased to give you a free estimate for your translation text. The accuracy and speed of the estimate depends on whether you send your text by conventional mail or as a word processing file (faster & more exact, as it is easier to determine actual length).

Alternatively, you can easily determine the approximate cost of your translation if you have the text as a Microsoft Word document. Simply open the document and check under Statistics to see the number of letters plus spaces in your text. Then you divide this by 55 to get the number of lines in the original text. With translations from German to English, the English text is generally about 10% longer.

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